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Ben D. Kennedy
Maid of Heaven
Jehanne d'Arc - Breath Divine
Duty, Honor, Country
The Lord's Prayer
Oh Bobby Lee
The Rebel Yell!!!
501c3 Cowards
A Place Known as America
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Francis Scott Key
The Star Spangled Banner

Julia Ward Howe
The Battle Hymn of the Republic

William Shakespeare
Speech Before Agincourt
Speece Before Harfleur
MORE by Shakespeare

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Poems of Hope
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  It has often been said that the pen is mightier than the sword because of the awesome impact that words can have upon people. It follows that poetry is perhaps the most powerful of all writing because of the ability of a few well phrased verses to take hold of the human psyche and become part of a persons very nature.
  While there has never been an official category designating certain poems as political there most certainly has been a great deal written that would be considered political in nature. Since politics actually encompasses every part of Life it is fair to say that everything is at least partly political but, for the scope of this site, I have tried to limit the selections to those which clearly comment upon something in the public realm.
  The writing that I humble contribute to comes from someplace deep within me. I never set out to write poetry but somehow over the last few years a great need has developed inside me to express certain feelings I have in regard to the deplorable state of government that currently exists here in the United States of America. As I began to share my poems with those around me, I quickly became aware that there is a great hunger for commentary in such form.
  My goal with is no doubt the same as many poets throughout history; to inspire people to look critically and intelligently at the world in which they live and seek to do better. Included here at, in addition to my own thoughts, are some of the greatest verses ever written by a few of the renowned masters of literature. In much the same way that their words continue to inspire me each day, I am confident that this site will serve as an inspiration to all who choose to visit.

Ben D. Kennedy          Poet Laureate of


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