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Duty, Honor, Country

Duty, Honor, Country; lofty words that in recent times have become trite.
Perhaps because we only hear them when our leaders desire to show their might.
Tis such a shame since they mean so much more that just a battle cry to fight.

Duty, Honor, Country;
For previous generations these words seemed to add the very meaning to life.
Look at how they clung to them for strength wherever they encountered strife.
They triumphed because they understood that such words can indeed define a life

Duty, Honor, Country;
Somehow their true meaning became lost in the wake of the Vietnam War.
Why do some only feel superior when they bash the ideals that others love and adore?
Sadly such voices obscured the true meaning causing many instead to deplore.

Duty, Honor, Country;
Fortunately here in America we have always had heroes step forward to lead.
Is it not easier to see true meaning when you can look at the greatness of a deed?
Once again they have shown us what is important in spite of our own selfish greed.

Duty, Honor, Country;
For Pat Tillman it meant sacrificing riches, fame and even love of the game.
The reason some question him is because they have not the courage to do the same.
Because only a man like Pat knows that possessions mean little compared to one's name.

Duty, Honor, Country;
Praise to you Pat Tillman for helping us understand the price we must pay to be free.
The way you lived and died is a shining example for future generations to see.
You will never be forgotten because you gave your all for; Duty, Honor and Country.

05-01-2004             By Ben Kennedy

COMMENTARY: To say that Pat Tillman is one in a million is an understatement. I am incredible inspired by this story of a man who walked away from fame and fortune to serve as a common soldier because he felt it was his duty. It is men like this that give me hope that the spirit that created the United States of America is not yet dead. It was unbelieveable to me that any citizen could actually criticize such a person. I know that the sacrifices that Pat made have certainly humbled me and I am sure that they embarrass many selfish people that sacrifice their very souls for less than Pat walked away from but how low is it to publicly write some of the things that I have seen written. Pat, I wish I could pay you a better tribute and I did the best I could but know that you will never be forgotton by those of us who value your life and sacrifices. As our Lord and Savior said "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."   We are sorry to see you go but will never forget you.

When I was writing this poem I could almost hear Douglas MacArthur's saying the words Duty, Honor, Country in his famous farewell speech he made to West Point. Below is a great video someone made using MacArthur's speech.

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