Other Writing Inspiring Freedom

The Way to Save America is a short Treatise by Ben D. Kennedy about how Americans needs to turn back to God and Learn to Fight for Him.

Winning the Cultural War by Charlton Heston is a speech Heston made at the Harvard Law School Forum on Feb 16, 1999

TSA-FAA SS Gestapo is a political parody of the TSA and FAA that appropriately depicts the tyranny of today's federal government employees.

A Legendary Classification System is a method of classification attributed to a Imperial German Army officer that is still applicable today.

General George S. Patton Prayer about the weather distributed to U.S. Third Army just before their famous relief of Bastogne.

Truth About The Confederate Battle Flag is a speech given by Pastor John Weaver explaining the origin and use of St. Andrew's Cross.

Col Heros von Borcke Ceremony is a speech and article by Nancy Hitt about the Prussian officer who fought with Jeb Stewart.

America under Black Rule are controversial remarks by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson shortly after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans.

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