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  About The Poet
  BEN D. KENNEDY has always possessed an interest in Politics and the public affairs of men and majored in political science at the University of Louisville where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. While attending the University of Louisville, Ben distinguished himself in sports attaining All-American honors in Powerlifting while also excelling in leadership as the President of the largest student organization on campus.
  While in college, Ben also began what became an extensive career in Aviation attaining his Flight Instructor Certificate at age 21. By age 23, Ben had attained his Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, which is considered the PHD of Aviation. Ben worked for several companies in Aviation and had the opportunity to pilot jet aircraft as well as several vintage aircraft famous for their participation in past Wars.
  Ben founded his first company in 1992, which provided airplane rides to visitors of Rough River State Park and operated successfully for many years. Unable to expand this business due to ridiculous over-regulation by the Federal Aviation Administration, Ben explored opportunities outside of Aviation founding several companies, which he continues to run today as the President and CEO. The poetry that Ben writes comes from his diverse experiences in Business, Aviation, Sports, and Politics and most importantly from what he learns in his daily walk with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

"Everything I do is for the good of all humanity as I am led to do by the Creator of all humanity."

"I believe that God intended for man to be free and does not want anyone to live under the tyranny of sin or any other type of tyranny. The ring I wear displays the Lorraine Cross which is known as the True Cross of Jesus Christ. This cross has been used as a symbol of resistance to tyranny such as during WWII. I wear it on my ring finger to also symbolize my marriage to God and my love for his daughter who was originally known as the Maid of Lorraine when she began her own mission for God."

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