A Place Known as America

Once there was a place known as America
where all were said to be free.
A place where many millions came to build
their homes and live in harmony.

For many years in this place known as America
did the good people freely worship the God they could plainly see.
For He gave unto all that lived here
a good life and great prosperity.

What has happened recently to this place known as America
is almost unbelievable to me.
No longer do we live by the rule of law
but instead by judicial decree.

Anyone who knows the origins of this place known as America
understands this was never the way it was meant to be.
Our founding fathers went to great pains in writing the laws
to ensure that we would always enjoy liberty.

But what has happened today in this place known as America
is there for all to plainly see.
The religious freedom of millions stolen away;
what else can it be but TYRANNY?

08-27-2003             By Ben Kennedy

COMMENTARY: August 27, 2003 was a day that will live in infamy in the history of the United States because it was the day when the Ten Commandments monument at the Alabama state judicial center in Montgomery was declared illegal and removed from public display. One federal judge who was never elected by anyone declared that the people of Alabama could not display the Ten Commandments at their own state building. When one person makes an illegal and unconstitutional ruling like this against the wishes of millions of people then it is tyranny. I was so angry when I heard the news on August 27, 2003 that I sat down and wrote A Place Known as America. The pictures are from the rallies that were held before and after the monument was moved by people like Patrick Mahoney and Dr. James Dobson.

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