"When God Cries His Tears Pour From The Mouths Of His Believers"

A New Day

Never allow what you failed to do yesterday
To keep you from doing today
What should have been done yesterday.

                        7-23-05                         By   Ben Kennedy

Saying you do not want to be involved with politics is like
saying you do not want to be involved with air or water.
Politics, for better or for worse, is as much a part of
of the human experience as air or water.

                                                Quote By   Ben Kennedy

Never in the course of human history
Has so much been given to so many
Who have done so little in return

                                                By   Ben Kennedy

Is it Wrong to Hate?

There are many today that say that it is always wrong to Hate.

Is it not true that God Hates?

God Hates,
Haughty eyes.
God Hates,
A lying tongue.
God Hates,
Hands that shed innocent blood.
God Hates,
A heart that devises wicked schemes.
God Hates,
Feet that are quick to rush into evil.
God Hates,
A false witness that pours out lies.
God Hates,
A person who stirs up conflich in the community.
God Hates,
All that is wicked and evil.

Should we not try to be like God, then, and Hate what God Hates?

                        5-14-2003                         By   Ben Kennedy

Only in America

Only in America,
Will you see hard working citizens robbed by their government to
support the lazy and irresponsible.

Only in America,
Will you find that the so-called poorest people are also the fattest people
in the society.

Only in America,
Will you be fleeced by health care professionals while being told how
much they are helping you.

Only in America,
Will you read articles in once great newspapers justifying the
destructive lifestyles of the sexually immoral.

Only in America,
Will you deal with so-called "public servants"
who live much better than the public they claim to serve.

Only in America,
Will you hear a murderer and a drug dealer referred to as a
"good son."

Only in America,
Will you be told that you do not have to follow the laws of the land if
you were born black.

Only in America,
Will you notice that the money proclaims "IN GOD WE TRUST" yet
the same God has been purged from every public place.

Only in America,
Will you realize that the sun is quickly setting on a once great nation.

                        12-16-2002                         By   Ben Kennedy

What has happened to America?

Once we were strong, we stood against evil.

Now they talk only of tolerance.

Tolerance of liars.
Tolerance of perverts.
Tolerance of laziness.
Tolerance of pornographers.
And tolerance of all forms of sexual immorality.

The only thing that is not tolerated is the public worship of Jesus Christ.

Where did we go wrong?

                        2-11-2001                         By   Ben Kennedy

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