501c3 Cowards

Oh, say can you see, in the rapidly decaying twilight,
Todayís churches throughout America cowering in fright.
So easily selling away what is their God given birthright!

How can they surrender their proud American heritage?
They once fueled the fires of freedom in patriots galore,
Triumphing oíer tyranny establishing a nation to adore.
Their leadership once shined as brightly as any sage of lore!

How can they dishonor their Godís glorious heritage?
His church built with martyrsí blood their duty to preserve,
What of their oaths of loyalty and all they pledged to observe?
How easily they have forgotten: "God only shalt thou serve!"

Alas, all cowards and traitors have a price, there for all to see,
Judas chose thirty pieces of silver instead of Christís offer to be free.
As for most churches in America, they have sold to a tax code, the 501c3!

04-09-2011             By Ben D. Kennedy

COMMENTARY: To learn more about the 501c3 tax code and the deliterous effects it has had upon America please visit Chuck Baldwin's website at:
State-Owned Churches Are Killing America
The Impotent Church And Romans 13
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