When I'm tired and all alone,
                            There's a prayer I've always known.
                            Our father who art in Heaven,

                            With words given from above,
                            To help us know His abiding love.
                            Hallowed be thy name.

                            A simple prayer, yes indeed,
                            But I've learned it's all I need.
                            Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,

                            Sometimes I desire to say more,
                            But I realize nothing else can implore.
                            On earth as it is in heaven.

                            Because the Father knows our need,
                            Well before we come to Him and plead.
                            Give us this day our daily bread.

                            He knows our deepest pain,
                            And can free us from any chain.
                            And forgive us our debts,

                            He also knows what we forget,
                            In focusing only on our own debt.
                            As we forgive our debtors.

                            The only one who understands,
                            And guides us with His loving hands.
                            Lead us not into temptation,

                            He has already won the fight,
                            Against the forces of the night.
                            But deliver us from evil.

                            Now He only wants to share,
                            His great love beyond compare.
                            For thine is the kingdom,

                            Glorious God of the Universe,
                            Who gave to us this simple verse.
                            And the power,

                            Speak it well with all your soul,
                            And He will again make you whole.
                            And the Glory, forever.

                            Thank you Lord for your love,
                            And for teaching us to speak in love.

                        11-12-2006                         By   Ben D. Kennedy

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