Can you hear the Rebel Yell?
The timeless battle cry of freedom
Screamed by saints entering martyrdom,
As they stormed the gates of hell.

Can you hear it echo from long ago?
When oppressed peoples fought
For the freedom never cheaply bought,
Against the age old curse from below.

Why do some feel they are superior?
When we all travel the same road
And suffer from much the same load.
Could God create any that are inferior?

As long as man has existed,
The conflict has raged without cease.
Instead of living as brothers in peace,
The desire of a few to rule all has persisted.

Against this selfish blind ambition,
Men have fought behind the same sound
As they sought to reach the higher ground.
To create for one and all an equal nation.

When freedom reigns you hear it less.
But it never goes away altogether,
Because man is cursed by the nether
And the yell returns to counter any regress.

Tyrannical rulers fear and hate the sound
Calling the orators rebels and traitors
When it is they that are the haters,
Of freedom and liberty in great abound.

In America the yell once led the way,
For our great patriots of renown
From Bunker Hill to Yorktown.
As they won freedom in their own day.

Since then it has still oft been heard
As new patriots have risen to fight,
Despite the promise of words bright.
As tyrants twist the meaning of the word.

Can you hear the Rebel Yell?
Because it is growing once again.
As God cleanses our nation from sin.
You will hear the Rebel Yell!!!

11-18-06             By Ben D. Kennedy

"In the Upper World, Hell once rebelled against Heaven. But in this world Heaven is rebelling against Hell."
                        G.K Chesterton

"Anyone who is ashamed of who God created them to be, which includes their heritage, is ultimately denying Him."

When I wrote the words above I was thinking about Jesus whose heritage was an essential part of Who He was yet contained ancestors like David who had been an adulterer and a murderer. Far from being ashamed of His heritage Jesus instead embraced his ancestry (I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. Rev 22:16) despite having many imperfect people in His family line because it was through this very line that God brought forth His son as the savior of all humanity. I believe that everyone should be like our Lord Jesus and embrace our heritage because it is exactly who God created us to be. Personally I am sick and tired of people who are themselves adulterers and murderers or sinners in just about every other way “casting stones” at people like me who tell the truth about God and what is in reality HisStory and I wanted everyone to know that no one is ever going to stop me from writing poems like Rebel Yell!!!

Unfortunately we live in an age where we have no real leadership just turncoat politicians so greedy for power that they will say and do whatever they think it takes to get elected and stay in office. A prime example is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who never had a problem before now with the Confederate Battle Flag.
I posted this picture of this Judas so that everyone will know the truth about him and I encourage everyone to learn the truth about this flag and its Christian heritage by reading or listening to Pastor John Weaver’s sermon Truth About The Confederate Battle Flag
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